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The Nature Show!

2017 Show list is Live!

Your support in 2016 was amazing; We are excited for what 2017 has planned !

We have an incredible new year ahead of us, as 2017 will usher in works from well known artists from our shows past, along with several many new artists seeking your attention here at Future Gallery. The Subjects of each Exhibit have been carefully chosen to help display a range of subject matter that is incredibly diverse, as it is fascinating to explore. With this year we also introduce Solo exhibits from: Yishu Wang (China), Happy D (San Francisco),  Joshua Roman (L.A.), and Dustin Bailard (L.A.).  Aside from the showcased artists being contemporaries, who have all worked very hard as professional full time artists - we also feel they are bringing forth Technical Skill, Evocative Content, and Originality that makes this Current Art scene as wonderful to be a part of, as it is having you along to help support its endeavors!  Truly, thank you to all who have become Patrons; we hope these paintings can find the comfort and love in your homes, as they enrich your everyday life, and support the creation of more art into the world.  Please take a moment to check on our shops content; as it will be changing month to month with new Paintings, Prints, and Merch.      -FG

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Past Events

The Muse

March 18: Dustin Bailard, Ania Tomicka, Lioba Bruckner, Carolina Seth, Brynn Elizabeth, Aja Trier, David DeRue, Natasha Wescoat, Poquis, Michelle Thibodeau, Meghan Cheshire, Payton Pringle, Dillon Pringle, Misty Bondy, Jonathon Winter, Priscilla Gonzalez, Martina D'Anastasio, and more...

Also Featuring Solo exhibition by Yishu Wang


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Up coming events!


For this collection, we wanted to create a group theme that had connection to the world that surrounds us. Starting May 13th- June 30th we will be hosting this Nature themed group exhibit, just in time for the beautiful Spring weather! 

Happy D. Artist solo, Dustin Bailard, Margaret Morales Art, Joshua Roman Art, Mariabagnaleart, Ania Tomicka, Veks Van Hillik, Big Helmet Head - the art of Carolina Seth, Sagittarius Gallery, Lioba Br├╝ckner, Brynn Elizabeth Art, Ivonne Carley, POQUIS, Jen Lightfoot, Priscilla Gonzalez Art, Hyatus Graphics, Michelle Thibodeau, Meghan Cheshire, Natasha Wescoat, Berlyn, Dillon Pringle, Samantha Y Anderson, SiNe SeNze, M Chinacat Tang

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Previews coming in!

Solo Feature : Happy D.

"Actias", also known as a genus of ethereal moths, explores the whimsical relationship of these magical creatures to their human counterparts. Each piece portrays a uniquely intimate bond between the subject and her winged soulmate. It was love at first sight when Happy first discovered this genus of moths, and she has continuously found their eerie beauty as a major source of inspiration - so much in fact that the luna moth has become a signature of Happy's work.