Future Gallery


Future  Gallery  Manifesto

We are a non-profit gallery committed to cultivating A successful Gallery for Artists and Lovers of Art alike. This is how this can be done:


  • Hosting Group art exhibits with Skilled, Passionate, and Evocative works for sale. To Continue this, Patrons must help in buying and furthering what we can offer along our Future Shows. Every sale matters to our growth. 
  • Building a Network here for Artists, Collectors, and Galleries to help pave a better understanding and conversation of our current era of Art Culture, while we help to build just that. With our combined efforts we can create something more incredible and more important than just one artist, patron, gallery can get achieved just by itself. Community and Contributions to this matters to the Arts here. 


  • Each collection will explore A new theme for the Artists and Patrons to enjoy. Some themes will repeat annually ( like our Artist Tribute series -or- Pocket Size Paintings ). We will aim to create shows to your interests or that will  yield some interesting results for the artists.  We will often talk with the artists and the patrons along social media and in shop about just this. 
  • You can help by sharing news of events and invite others to like our gallery page, website, etc. Post photos of art that you enjoyed and/or purchased. You are all the voice and let it be heard through our efforts in supporting the arts here! Raising awareness that the Arts need you all, it IS a civil duty we feel for ANYONE who has at one point or another been affected by it - Virtually that is most any of you reading this. 


  • Sales support the growth of the Artists, Gallery, and Patrons opportunities. Not only do you get to own an incredibly rare piece of art, but you are also supporting the Future of this Gallery
  • Once a month we host an open Art Night to share technique, theory, and current ongoing news in the creative scene. First Wednesday of every month, open to artists who have made contact first with the gallery about attending. 
  • We find success in Inspiring new appreciation for contemporary Art, reaching new people, and bringing this all to Lake Orion, Michigan. Then further reaching the entire globe via our website and social media platforms. The art here is both Globally and Local friendly; we believe a balance of both helps to create results that everyone involved can enjoy. 

May the Muses Guide our efforts & the Future for the ARTS