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Winter Gala 2017!


Winter 2017 - 2018 Show list is Live!


Your support in 2016 was amazing; We are excited for what 2017 has planned !

We have an incredible new year ahead of us, as 2017 will usher in works from well known artists from our shows past, along with several many new artists seeking your attention here at Future Gallery. The Subjects of each Exhibit have been carefully chosen to help display a range of subject matter that is incredibly diverse, as it is fascinating to explore. With this year we also introduce Solo exhibits from: Yishu Wang (China), Happy D (San Francisco),  Joshua Roman (L.A.), and Dustin Bailard (L.A.).  Aside from the showcased artists being contemporaries, who have all worked very hard as professional full time artists - we also feel they are bringing forth Technical Skill, Evocative Content, and Originality that makes this Current Art scene as wonderful to be a part of, as it is having you along to help support its endeavors!  Truly, thank you to all who have become Patrons; we hope these paintings can find the comfort and love in your homes, as they enrich your everyday life, and support the creation of more art into the world.  Please take a moment to check on our shops content; as it will be changing month to month with new Paintings, Prints, and Merch.      -FG

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Past Events

Pocket Sized Paintings

Your favorite Mini Painting show is returning ♥ 

Artists: Aja Trier, aica, Anita Inverarity , BerlynBrynn Elizabeth ArtBrian FritzCarolina SethCrystal Mielcarek, DSD, Dustin BailardThe Art of Emi Slade, Erokawa, Ivonne CarleyJ Woo KyleJen LightfootJonathon B WinterMargaret Morales ArtMaria AbagnaleThe Art of Meg Shire,Michelle ThibodeauMisty BondyNatasha WescoatNicole Cheri Rais ,Paul NeberraPOQUIS
Renske LambrechtsYishu Wang ArtLex Santos

We will be featuring over 80+ Minis all priced between 30$-100$ all specially made available to start a new art collection or a wonderful addition to a growing one. We will be hosting art from new talent coming in, as well as from some of our best known contributing artists here at Future Gallery ♥


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Past Events

Occult & Sacred Geometry group Exhibit

Future Gallery Presents

Celebrating the realms and ideas within the Occult traditions and Sacred Geometry Art. These ideas have been around for thousands of years and still very relivent to many today. Spiritual or Divine art often explores ideas which trancend verbal explination, normal human experience, or express something sacred. Much in this long lived tradition, we hope to explore these realms with this amazing group of aritsts - surely a rare and wonderful opportunity to anyone who finds enjoyment of these subjects.

Please email FutureGalleryMi@gmail.com Subject "catalogue" to be placed on our show previews list. If any works previewed here would be of your interest, you can also email us for inquiries. Thank you for your support in all its forms: purchasing works, spreading the word for this show, and joining us for the opening to celebrate this wonderful collection here at Future Gallery



Up coming events!

Winter Gala 2017

We are ending this year with one of the most anticipated and extraordinary Solo events of our gallery: "A Fractured Flutter" will be presenting an amazing collection of art from none other than Dustin Bailard, for his first solo event. He will be joining us all the way from L.A. - so for any Dustin Fans in the midwest region, here is your chance to meet and support him in person.

Previews and information along the show and advanced collector opportunity to purchase works in this show will be posted along this event and along our Instagram @futuregallerymi